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What do we really get up to between the sheets?


Tracey Cox is an international sex, body language and relationships expert. She is well-known for her TV shows on sex and relationships as well as her range of best-selling books, which have sold millions worldwide. 


Do you want to spice up your love life? Are you having problems in the bedroom? Have you fallen out of love with your partner? Tracey can help!

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Tracey Cox is one of the world’s most famous sex experts and writers on sex and relationships.

She has been writing, researching and talking about sex for thirty years and has toured the world as an international sex, body language and relationship expert.

She has hosted television programmes in the UK and the US about sex and relationships, including the popular prime-time series Would Like to Meet (BBC and Discovery) and The Sex Inspectors (CH4 and HBO).

She has an academic background in psychology and has counselled via the media for decades.

Tracey has written 16 books, many of which are bestsellers, including Hot Sex: How to Do It – available in 140 countries and translated into over 20 languages – and supersex.

She has appeared on Oprah, CNN and The Today Show in the US, as well as many prime-time chat shows worldwide.

Tracey has a weekly column with the MailOnline, the world’s largest English speaking news website.

She also has two product ranges – EDGE, specifically designed for men, and supersex for men, women and couples – which she developed in the UK with one of the world’s most popular sex toy retailers, Lovehoney.


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