Right, listen up!

We get asked the same questions quite a lot. It's easier if we just write down the answers here, that way we don't have to add you to "the list".


Trouble Listening?

I can't find JACK Radio on my radio. What's going on?

Have you retuned your DAB radio? We're new in town, so you may need to hit the refresh button so your radio can find us.


Yep, I've retuned. Any other tips?

Check to make sure it's a DAB+ radio. We're only available on DAB+ - anything more is just being a show off. If your radio is more than four years old, chances are it might not support DAB+. Search your radio model online to be sure (or check the manual if you're feeling retro).



I've retuned and it's a DAB+ radio. Still nothing. What now?

If you live in a rural area, under a rock or in a hermit's cave, you may not be able to get us. We tried our hardest, but not all of the UK can pick us up on DAB+. To check your area, click here and enter your postcode - a list of all the stations you can get on DAB will show up.



What is JACK Radio?

JACK Radio is a new national radio station with a twist – playing 100% female artists.



Why launch a radio station playing only female artists?

For decades, music lovers have enjoyed albums with titles such as Women of Rock, Women of Pop, Women of the 80s, Women of Soul, Women of Country. We believe it’s time these women had their own radio station.



Isn’t it a bit sexist?

Absolutely not. JACK Radio is simply showcasing great female talent and offering a listening experience that’s delightfully different – and one that’s open to everybody.



What are the ‘Cover Girls’ songs?

JACK Radio’s ‘Cover Girls’ songs are well-known tracks covered by female artists; and not all of them are famous singers. JACK Radio is constantly on the lookout for new talent, giving women of all ages and genres an incredible opportunity to have their voices heard across the UK.



Why have women covering male songs?  

The ‘Cover Girls’ songs cover all types of songs, not only male songs, but songs from other female artists and groups as well. They’re familiar, but new – and we think that’s a great combination! Some covers might even be better than the originals!



Is music all you play?
Not at all. Since we began broadcasting, JACK Radio continues to add new elements to the mix. These include: The Tracey Cox Show (sex & relationships), The Offside Rule (football), The Wellness Hour (health & fitness), Universally Speaking (clairvoyants), Funny Girls/The Girls of JACK (comedy), Spotlight (entertainment), and there’s still more to come!



And what about the name – isn’t “JACK Radio” masculine for a station playing all-female artists?

JACK is our name, and we love it. Besides, it’s not the station name that’s important; it’s the brilliant songs we play that really matter.



Turns out my question isn't frequently asked. How do I get in touch with JACK Radio directly?

You click here and fill in the form, or give us a call. Lovely!

Your favourite female artists.

One Day In Your Life by Anastacia

Playing the best of British.

Summer Son by Texas